Product Care

Decorative objects are fragile and often require special care while cleaning. 

All decorative items including MDF products can collect dust over time and eventually look dirty. To clean dust regularly with a soft cloth. Do not use a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Do not use water or harsh detergents. Do not wash. Do not use commercial cleaning solutions. MDF can be easily scratched. 

Glass items can be cleaned with regular window detergents to remove streak and smudge. Read and follow the manufacturer's directions.

Wipe marble surfaces with a damp sponge or cloth to remove light soil. Do not use an abrasive or caustic cleaner on marble. Do not use oil polish or soft wax, because they will discolor the marble. Do not use commercial cleaners.

Warning: Use of detergents or harsh chemicals of any nature may result in discoloration of Maison Zeido products. Products with gold plated items can change color over time.