About us

Our Founder:

Joudi Zeido, the designer and owner of Maison Zeido,

is a Syrian-American Architect with a rich background and a passion for home accessories.

With nearly four years of experience as a project designer, Joudi discovered her love for decor while building her dream home. Frustrated by the lack of decor pieces that reflected both her cultural heritage and the modern identity of a Muslim woman, Joudi embarked on a mission to create her own designs.

Having lived in various parts of the Middle East and Europe, Joudi brings a unique perspective that blends traditional cultural appreciation with a keen eye for modernism.

Proud of her heritage and attuned to contemporary aesthetics, Joudi's designs at Maison Zeido beautifully merge the past and present, offering sophisticated and culturally resonant home decor.


Maison Zeido is a premier online destination for high-end, modern Muslim home accessories. Inspired by Arabic calligraphy and Islamic architecture, our elegant designs enhance any space, from the dining table to the living room.

Our seasonal collections, including Ramadan and Eid offerings, blend tradition with modernity, honoring cultural heritage with sophisticated products.

By featuring modern Muslim home decor, we create spaces where Muslims feel seen and valued, promoting diversity and unity in the retail landscape.